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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalhis morning, on a hot and surprisingly humid day for Los Angeles, probably provoked by the uncontrolled wildfires, I found myself in heavy traffic stuck behind a "clunker" which, along with other right wing slogans,on either side of the driver's vehicle, bore the slogan "Obama Sucks". Fearful of the lunacy of "road rage", where idiots with guns in their car are willing to give your all, for their cause - whatever that may be. I normally steer clear and don't even look inside the vehicle. I couldn't resist the temptation to challenge the fellow and as I drew alongside I asked him why he felt "Obama sucks". The light turned red. We stopped and he said, "He's a Marxist, socialist and fascist" and he's out to ruin our constitution." That's utter nonsense and just after the light changed and we parted ways, I thought to myself he'd have loved Ronald Reagan. But if memory serves me correctly Ronald Reagan liked to remind people that he had been a lifelong New Dealer who voted four times for the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Rush Limbaugh has stated frequently that he hopes Obama will fail. It has become almost the mantra of several of the loud mouths of Talkradio. It is almost the Republican doctrine. Those who feel and speak this way are hardly honorable conservatives - they are radicals and if they keep it up, the right wing will hasten the death of conservatism. I would rather that they functioned well as the honorable opposition.

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