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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalf the presidential primaries were to be held this year, it would seem likely that the Republicans would nominate Sarah Palin. Is the drop-out Governor from Alaska, and the former vice-presidential nominee, running for president? As she said to Fox's Chris Wallace "it would be absurd to not consider what it is that I can potentially do to help our country". She might well end up being just what the Democrats need to face, in order to regain some of their lost stature and the retirements from the House and Senate . It was a tough year for the incumbent President. Senator Evan Bayh's decision not to run again for the Senate in Indiana came as a shock to most of the voters this weekend and there will likely be other election defeats in the off-year election.

An e-Mail from D Burton of Panama City poses the question, "is the so-called Tea Party, undoubtedly a new and potent force in American politics, here to stay and who and what are they?" Well, nobody seems to be running it - there is not, at this stage, any charismatic leader. Those of highest visibility seem to include the likes of the Fox News character Glenn Beck, Eric Odom of the American Liberty Alliance, the former Republican House leader Dick Armey and the anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist, and lots of angry and dissatisfied citizens. Many of them are involved for the first time, politically. They've been utilizing the blogosphere and talkradio most effectively.

Since the early 19th century every few years has produced its share of populist movements. Mostly they were class-based; the "Know nothings" during the 1840's to the agrarian People's Party of the late 19th century.
That one called for the break up of the railroads and the banks. The "Tea Party" people of today rail more against big government and big subsidies. They look to Wall Street and bankers as corrupt and they identify with Main Street and not Wall Street. Their initial target was to break the filibuster-proofed 60 seats needed in the United States Senate. That came with the election of Republican pro-choice moderate Scott Brown of Massachusetts.
They hope for power and in the United States it is generally necessary to join with one of the major parties,

My own thinking may well be short-sighted, but I am convinced they will be around for a while; a few years perhaps, make their mark and then they'll go home..

Tiger Woods gave his mea culpa speech, written on five-by-seven cards; an effort to explain to the world that he was wrong (we know); he was to blame and selfish (we know); expecting to return to golf (would anyone doubt it?). He brought up his return to religion, mentioned his wife, children, therapy and more. He took no questions because you know how nasty the questions from the Fourth Estate can be. Will the sponsors return? Some, for sure, because the young fellow's skill sells product. I wonder how the world would have treated his wife had she been the one who had played around. Tiger; billionaire, super sport's hero, can you imagine how many will want to be following him around the course when he returns to work "cured by therapy", no doubt.

I heard it on one of the news channels; I think CNN. It must therefore be true, it was, they said, Napoleon Bonaparte who wrote "Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever. The Emperor of France must have been watching the Winter Olympics. I have thoroughly enjoyed the games of Vancouver.

We must have healthcare reform for if the current efforts in Congress do not succeed in bringing about reform we will pay so much in so many ways. The facts cry out for reform and improvement. Yes, we rank number one in the world in one category; spending. With our current system we rank 39th in infant mortality, 42nd in adult male mortality , 43rd in adult female mortality. Can we afford healthcare reform? The real line should be, can we afford to do nothing. Republicans, wake up and care. Bargain, negotiate, offer constructive criticism and reform - do something positive.

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