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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalhere were many occasions during my career as a talkshow host when I would call upon the knowledge and passion of two world-renowned film stars to argue their beliefs about the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. They were Charlton Heston, a dedicated believer in the right to bear arms, and a man of considerable passion who spoke for more gun control, Paul Newman. As sympathetic as I was to the views of Mr. Newman I could not help but think Heston won most of the debating points. And maybe that's reflective of the style of so many who are for greater controls on the proliferation of weaponry; they are less combative and passionate. Certainly, they are not as organized and powerful as the NRA.

Now we are hearing more and more stories about the current hot-button issue (and there are, no longer alive, Newman or Heston to help me).

Being permitted to legally carry a concealed handgun has been considered a sacred right for millions of gun enthusiasts. Now they are determined to bring about "open carry": the right to enter a premises, business or walk the streets, take a taxi or bus, showing that they are packing-a-rod. They appear to be making progress in many states, but why? What will be the response from the rest of us when they want to carry a weapon on an aircraft, attending school or college, into church, perhaps a bank.

Good luck. May sanity prevail.

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