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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalm hoping never again to open a report or journal using the name "Eyjafjallajokull'. That, I think, is as near as I can get to the accurate spelling of the erupting mountain that presented the magnificent plume of smoke for all to see and sufficient to ground most of the flying world for the better part of a week. I wonder how widespread the airspace shutdown really needed to be and whether compensation by airlines need be paid for an act of nature. Living, it seems, is hazardous to our health.

To substantiate that thought, according to reporter Thomas H. Maugh, nearly half of all U.S. adults have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Those, it appears, are facts. They are all conditions that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Playing with those numbers, one in 8 Americans suffer from at least two of the conditions and one in 33 has them all.

One of the more important tasks this year is the fashioning of a humane immigration policy. With bipartisan co-operation (particularly from Sen. Harry Reid, the Democrat, and Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham), it could occur. If the squabbling lawmakers can't quit accusing each other of playing politics with this situation then there will be need for some Presidential intervention. It certainly could be far more constructive than the law signed buy the Governor of Arizona. That flawed legislation makes it a state crime to be in this country without proper documents, It empowers the police to stop anyone, "on reasonable suspicion" that they might be in this country illegally. The cops will not be required to have a search warrant or even to suspect some illegal action has occurred. Lest we forget, traditionally the federal government has enforced immigration laws. This is unique and more legal challenges are expected before the law takes effect in a couple of months from now. One third of Arizona's population is Latino. There will most likely be a considerable amount of racial profiling.

Republicans, Democrats and Mr. President as long as elected politicians mainly view immigration as an electoral weapon, then this nation can expect more desperate laws like the ugly and desperate law making headlines from Arizona.

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