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"The work goes on, the cause endures,
Michael_Jackson_Talk_RadioThe hope still lives, and the dream shall never die".
Michael_Jackson_Talk_RadioMichael_Jackson_Talk_RadioSenator Edward M. Kennedy

Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalerhaps the dynasty has ended. Maybe not! The highly emotional funeral services for the late Senator are over with his burial, close to two of his brothers.

Already the political maneuvering will have begun. The National Democratic Party leaders are pressing Massachusetts lawmakers to grant Kennedy's deathbed wish for a swift interim replacement, while state politicians vie for the first open senate seat in a quarter century.

The focus for the senate seat from the Democratic standpoint is almost certainly on a member of the Kennedy family. The famed political dynasty has effectively owned it since the then future president, John F.Kennedy, won it in 1952.

Under current law, Teddy's seat will remain vacant until sometime early in December, but weeks prior to his death from brain cancer the senator urged that the law be changed to permit an interim appointment. That would give Senate Democrats the 60 votes they might well need to ensure passage, later this year, of a health care bill; legislation that Kennedy has called "the cause of my life".

The Massachusetts House Speaker, Robert Leo (a Democrat), has stated that he will consider a change in the law when they return to work in September.

Vicki Reggie Kennedy, the late Senator's widow might well be a brilliant choice to follow in her husband's footsteps. She is considered to be an excellent lawyer and I would hope she'll take a hard look at the idea of seeking the office and continuing the work and the causes that meant so much to her husband .

Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalooking to the President, whose comments about his friend were eloquent, and I'm sure, heart-felt, this has been a rough summer. The Autumn is unlikely to be any easier. In addition to healthcare we have our two wars; Iraq and Afghanistan and also the problem of Iran and North Korea as well as the economy. The nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran demand a great deal of attention. The January, 2010, deadline for closing the Guantanamo Bay prison camp looms large. Bur it is the call for sweeping changes in the healthcare system that is likely to define President Obama's first year in office - and beyond.

If I had the chance to pose but one question to our president today, it probably would be one that he would have an extremely difficult time answering substantially, and yet it is extremely sensitive and potentially catastrophic . "President Obama, how can we stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb?

A follow-up? "What, sir, would you expect the consequences to be, should Israel act in its own defense?

The administration has been talking tough against Teheran recently; speaking of "crippling" sanctions against the mullahs if they don't negotiate in the following few weeks. But, can you imagine if Israel attacked the nuclear plants what would be the outcome.

Conflict is sure to follow. Conflict it inevitable, unless this country and the West moves swiftly to stop a nuclear Tehran.

Someone once told me that being the President is a position we all should aspire to.

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