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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalome people just have everything going for them. One such person appears to be the current president of South Africa. He has been in office for about a year and  he is now leading a national effort to test broad segments of the population with a hope of being able to control HIV and AIDS. President Jacob Zuma is hardly the most knowledgeable or appropriate of examples of how to stay safe. Just a few months ago he went public with his statement that to keep himself HIV-negative, was to take a shower after having sex. This is a man who has girlfriends, affairs, a fiance and three wives. As I was saying #$%^&! 

Arizona has been much in the spotlight these past few weeks with the Governor's harsh attitude towards those who arrive in the state of Arizona, without the correct  legal documents. It's becoming tougher and tougher to make it safely across the border. We used to brag that we had the friendliest and longest contiguous border between any two nations. It probably will never be easy to track down those who are well-heeled.  A question for President Obama, 'Sir will this still be a major and complicated situation at the end of your first and second term in office? What should happen, if partisan politics is not a concern? Does it not seem a little strange that if an illegal immigrant comes across the border and then gives birth to a child, that child becomes an American citizen. We surely aren't going to separate infants from their parents?

There is so much to be written and studied about the migration North and the impact on population make-up  in the United States. And still, it has always been the case, people yearn to be here, living their American dream.

The very first time I went to the San Ysidro crossing point, a short train ride to a different  world, was when Alana accompanied me and we spent the night at a very busy entry point. We were accompanied by a young woman who was new to the border guard job. The night before we met her, she had gone out in the jeep alone for the first time. It was around 2 or 3 a.m. when her vehicle broke down, just this side of the no-mans-land between poverty, South of the border and promise...or hope...on the US side. She tried many times to start the vehicle and after a few minutes she found herself surrounded by young men. To cut to the chase, this young woman admitted to being scared, truly scared, as the people she was supposed to arrest grew in numbers. The outcome of the story? In just a couple of minutes they had fixed her car and she went on her way, safely.

Ever heard of a man named Andy Goss? He wants to become a Congressman and he knows what he'll do if he wins his long-shot race for Congress. First, he'll cut lawmakers' pay by 40%. He then will use the saving's to build a Capitol Hill barracks where all the 535 senators and representatives would be required to live. His logic? If that's how troops are housed, the folk who live on the Hill should live in the same manner It is almost a case of Congress having such low poll standings, he couldn't make things any worse! Don't worry, he won't win! Or, possibly, he could be the victor and then, maybe he can make things worse!

The 2012 Republican presidential convention will be held in Tampa, Florida. Florida has been a swing state in past elections and they have 27 electoral votes. The last Republican convention to be held in Florida gave us  President Richard Nixon and his running mate, Spiro Agnew. Other Cities in the running were Tucson, Arizona and Salt Lake City.

One of the week's visitors to the White House was President Hamid Karzi of Afganistan. He is corrupt, weak and erratic and we appear to be stuck with him. Well, I suppose, nobody is perfect.

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